You Can Help Dakota City With These Easy Fundraisers!

Three easy fundraisers that you can help Dakota City with are Labels for Learning through Our Family Foods, Direct Your Dollars through SpartanNash company and Loves4Learning through Pan-O-Gold company.

For Labels for Learning, just save the UPC labels from participating items you already buy from Our Family Foods and bring them in to our office. We will collect them and send them in to Our Family Foods, then they send us a check.

For Direct Your Dollars fundraiser, bring in your grocery receipt from participating retail stores. The bottom of your receipt will have “Direct Your Dollars” and the amount the company is donating. Direct Your Dollars is a community support program for over 140 SpartanNash corporate owned stores. For participating stores or more information go to There is a collection box in our office for the receipts. Once we reach a pre-specified dollar amount, we turn in the receipts and they will send us a check.

For Loaves4Learning, save the UPC code on Country Hearth, Village Hearth, Artisan Hearth and Fiber Up breads. Bring the UPC codes to the collection box in our office. We will send them to the company and they will mail us a check.

We appreciate all you have saved for us so far, keep bringing them in! All money received from these fundraisers is used for the Education Programs at Dakota City Heritage Village.