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If you wish to donate items to Dakota City Heritage Village please submit a brief description, dimensions and photos to All items will be reviewed by staff members before accepting, to be sure we can preserve and maintain your donation without duplicating items already in our collection.

If you wish to donate monetarily, please click the Donate button, which will send you to PayPal’s page, to choose where your donation can make a difference.

Dakota City is collecting UPC labels from Our Family Foods products for Labels for Learning for our Education Programs. There is a bucket in the office for you to drop any Our Family Foods UPC labels into. Or you can mail them to us at:

Dakota City Heritage Village
4008 220th St. W.
P.O.Box 73
Farmington, MN 55024

Dakota City is also collecting Kwik Trip Milk Moola items for the Education Programs. Save and bring in Kwik Trip milk caps, Kwik Trip milk bag tops, price ovals from Glazers donuts and other Kwik Trip food products. For more eligible products, go to, on the home page under “About” click on “eligible products” and a list will show you what you can save for us. There is a collection bucket in the office for you to drop them off. Both companies, after receiving our collections, will mail us a check that we can use for the Education Programs.