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Bingo and Meat Raffle Fundraiser
Bingo and Meat Raffle Fundraiser
Saturday February 2, 2019
2:00pm to approximately 4:30pm
$1 for a bingo sheet of 3 games
$2 for special bingo games
$1 per meat raffle chance
Celts Pub, 200 - 3rd street, Farmington

Enjoy an afternoon with your friends playing Bingo, take a chance on winning meat and support Dakota City at Celts Pub in Farmington on Saturday February 2 at 2:00pm. A total of 15 Bingo games will be played in the afternoon. A chance to spin the wheel to win different cuts of meat will happen between bingo games. Sponsored by Farmington Eagles Club, bring your friends and have fun while helping Dakota City! If you have questions, call Dakota City at 651-460-8050.

Food & Drinks
Food and Drink

Celts has a food menu and drinks for sale