Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make a reservation?
Visit the page of the program you would like to reserve and click on the link underneath the individual program descriptions, or call the Education Coordinator at 651-460-8050 ext. 3. Office hours are Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 3:00 pm. Reservations must be made at least  two weeks in advance and are on a first come, first serve basis. Please be ready to provide  the following information:
• The tour or program you would like
• Desired date (with alternatives)
• Anticipated arrival and departure times
• Name of teacher in charge
• Complete mailing address, telephone number and email address
• Grade and number of students or any special needs of your students

How do I pay for my tour or program?
If you have scheduled a tour during the general visitor season from May – October, you may pay one of two ways: bring a check for the exact amount on the day of your tour, or request an invoice in advance to be sent with you on the day of your tour. Your school or organization would then mail us a check. Have further questions about payment? Contact Dakota City at 651-463-8050 ext. 3 or

I am a member of a home-school group. What can I do?
All programs and tours can be adapted for groups of home-school families. Because some programs are by reservation only, you need to have a minimum number of participating students. Also, some programs require that students be a minimum age in order to participate. Learn more by visiting the tours page.

I represent Cub Scouts or Girl Scouts. What can I do?
All programs and tours can be adapted to meet your needs! Many programs also can satisfy some requirements for badges if you are a Cub Scout or Girl Scout troop. Programs and tours are available on afternoons, early evenings and weekends by reservation. Learn more by visiting the tours page.

I’ve made a reservation. What’s next?
Shortly after you have made a reservation, you will receive an email confirmation. Approximately one month before your visit, you will receive a pre-visit packet of information about your program or tour.

How do I prepare for the program or tour?
Keep in mind that Dakota City is an indoor and outdoor experience. Dress appropriately for the weather. Our Village covers the time period 1890 – 1915. In school or at home, you can discuss: How did people live long ago? What king of clothes did they wear? What toys did children play with? What chores did children do? What jobs did adults do? What did people do for entertainment? How did people get from town to town? Did they travel or go on vacations? How did people communicate with each other over a long distance? Where and how did they go shopping? Did they have money to spend?