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Adult or Senior Citizen Tour
Adult or Senior Citizen Tour
By Reservation for groups of 8 or more
$7 per person for walking tour, $9 per person for a trolley tour
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Come relive the youth of your parents or maybe even the youth you remember! This tour is tailored to the needs of the adults, either walking or riding the trolley through the Village, visiting select buildings with a costumed guide. You have the option to bring your own bag lunch and have a picnic in our Village after a morning tour or before an afternoon tour, with an ice cream cone served after lunch. There is a minimum of 8 people, and the cost is $7.00 per person for a guided walking tour, and $9.00 per person to ride the trolley to the buildings with a guide. Plan for 1 ½ – 2 hours, plus time to eat.

For more information call 651-460-8387 or email