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Village Experience
Village Experience
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$7 per person including parent chaperones. Two school staff (teacher, para, aide, etc.) per class are free.
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This is a two hour walking tour for 3rd grade and up. Children will visit 8-9 buildings with a costumed guide taking children back to 1900. Some activities children might do to experience life of long ago could include: using the writing slates and chalk in the One Room School, touching items at the blacksmith building, withdrawing money at the Bank, shopping at the General Store, or other activities.

This program can accommodate up to 80 students per 2-hour tour (minimum 10 students). The cost is $7 per person with no charge for 2 school staff (teacher, aide, para, etc.) per class. Additional adults are $7 each. Included is the option to have a hand-dipped ice cream cone from our drugstore at the end of your tour. You also have the option to bring your own brown bag lunch and have a picnic at the drugstore either after or before your tour. Depending on how many children total, this will add 30-45 minutes to your tour time. Contact Dakota City at 651-460-8387 or to schedule your tour.