Volunteering is one of life’s greatest rewards!

Volunteers are essential to the quality of service provided to visitors of  Dakota City.   Volunteers
represent a broad spectrum of society in terms of work experience, age, education, and ability.  All
volunteer work assigned is important; every effort is made to coordinate volunteer skills and
interests with needs of  Dakota City.  These volunteers come from many backgrounds with many
diverse talents, and currently work with paid staff throughout the organization on projects of
varying degrees of complexity, from those requiring simple skills to the very specialized.

Volunteer Opportunities

•  Costumed Interpreters – guide tours, play part of town citizen, host a building, or give
demonstrations including: blacksmithing, carpentry, printing, cooking, baking, sewing, needlework,
laundry, and churning butter. Costumes and required training provided by Dakota City.  

 One Room School Teachers - Lead 1900s school for elementary aged groups during spring and
fall programs. Need not be a certified teacher. Costumes and required training provided by Dakota

 Musicians – including: violin/fiddle, guitar, banjo, piano/pump organ, harmonica, dulcimer, auto
harp, accordion, brass instruments.

 Singers – using period music, also barbershop quartets, vaudeville acts

 Dancers – such as polkas and waltzes

 Dakota City Players – Dakota City Heritage Village volunteers to perform 1st and 3rd person
scenarios to entertain and educate visitors including: weddings, funerals, trials, public speaking, and

 Seamstress/Clothing Committee – sew, mend/repair clothing for volunteers to wear in the

 Collections and Exhibits – catalog books, photos, clothing, furniture and other artifacts.  
Develop, research, and fabricate exhibits.

Concessions/Food Services/Gift Shop – prepare food and drink, greet and serve customers,
handle food sales and keep the café clean.  Sites include: Dakota City Café, Drugstore, lemonade
cart, corn stand, and Dakota City Big Top Tent.

 Office Volunteers – assist as receptionist; answer the telephone; prepare mailings; type; file; run
copies, collate, and fasten booklets, newsletters, and brochures.

Maintenance Volunteers – groundskeeper, paint, garden, carpentry, repair items, clean, and
other general maintenance duties.

 Special Event Support – preparation and set up, lot attendants, admission gate, drive tractors
and/or guide trolleys, tend wood stoves, run errands, check on volunteers in buildings, shovel

 Machinery Committee – work on antique tractors used in parades.

Anyone interested in volunteering should contact the office:

          Dakota City office - 651-460-8050
          e-mails -
              Dakota City Heritage Village -
              Event Coordinator - Mary Hendricks
              Education Coordinator - Alisa Peterson

                                       Volunteer form
                                         (pdf format)
Dakota City Heritage Village, 4008 220th St. W., Farmington, MN 55024 651-460-8050  info@dakotacity.org