General Store

The General Store was moved from its original location at Holyoke and 208th Street in Lakeville to Dakota City in 1965. It was built by Frank Tabaka for rental property. At various times it served as an ice cream parlor, Pete Snyder’s shoe repair shop, and Frank Mahowald’s shoe and harness shop.

In 1933 the building was furnished as a grocery store, and in 1934 Mrs.Frank Tabaka and daughter Mrs. Marie Heller became operators of the store, which became known as Tabaka’s Jack Spratt Store. It is now furnished as a general store of the early 1900’s with many donated artifacts that were commonly available at that time. The Bull Durham billboard was recently re-painted on the side of the store.

Fun Fact!

Sugar cost 4 cents per pound in 1900 and you would buy it 100 pounds at a time.