The Randolph jail was built in 1904 by John Olson for the sum of $560. It arrived in Dakota City in 1991. The 14′ x 16′ x 9 1/2′ “lockup” was constructed of 13″ thick bricks with 2 cells inside. The woodwork was covered with tin to prevent arson. In the early days of Randolph, the peace officers were called marshals, and were kept quite busy. Later, Randolph had constables who weren’t very busy unless an emergency arose.

The jail’s most frequent “guests” were those who had drunk too much or hobos who spent the night before catching the morning freight train out of town. Criminals were sent to Hastings to be locked up at the county jail. In the 40s the building was closed and sold.

Fun Fact!

Only drunks and hobos spent nights in this jail, and they were not locked up.