This school building, District 96, was built in the southwest quarter of Section 13, Eureka Township in 1902. It replaced a previous schoolhouse that was originally built in 1892 and struck by lightning. This building was used continuously for classes until 1945 when the children were transported to Farmington.

With the reorganization of the Dakota County schools in 1951, the one room schools went out of existence. This school district formally consolidated with Farmington Independent School District No. 192 in 1959, and this building was given to the Dakota County Agricultural Society by the district. It was moved to the fairgrounds in 1960. The school desks from St. Mary’s Catholic school in New Trier fit students in grade one through eight. The black jacket that surrounds the stove is from Grey Eagle Minnesota. A jacket was required for all rural schools to be eligible for state aid. A Red Wing pottery water cooler sits in one corner, and George Washington and Abraham Lincoln look down on the room form above the front blackboard.

Fun Fact!

The original schoolhouse burned on the last day of school in 1902 after being struck by lightning.